Danson Wolkenaction Hits the Competition Arena!

On the weekend of the 6th and 7th of October, Danson Wolkenaction and I hit the competition arena with a splash for our debut – literally! The rain clouds were rolling in as we bundled Action into the float and all of the competition necessities (chocolate, fruit juice, some Luke Bryan CDs and a back seat full of rain coats) into the car and headed off to Werribee Park for our first competitions, the Dressage Victoria Fundraiser on the 6th and the Westernport Dressage Club Premier Cup on the 7th.

The Fundraiser was extremely well run with all rings on time and a big area to warm up but sadly there was nothing the organising committee or my protests could do about the rain and so Action and I waded our way through less than desireable conditions to finish on a very high note – 62.8%, tenth place and smiles alround going into the second day of competition.

Luckily the sun came out for the Premier Cup on the Sunday and everyone was looking forward to a great day. After a big walk, half a bag of carrots, lots of cuddles and some last minute plaiting and sock-cleaning, Action was ready to hit the competition arena again and didn’t disappoint. He was very well behaved and showed that he has more in the tank, increasing the scores to finish with 65.1% and just outside of the placings in another huge class.

I am very proud of Danson Wolkenaction and how well he behaved and took in the various challenges of heightened competition atmosphere, killer windscreen wipers and a gangnam style flash mob at the float pre-mounting. All in all it was a very positive experience and he’s ticking all the right boxes. Action was excited to get home to his stable and dinner after a big weekend and is no doubt enjoying his day off, recharging and getting ready to continue training and working towards our next start in the very near future.

Pictured below in the warm up for the Fundraiser, Action is wearing his new Horse In The Box Saddle blanket and I am in their Kyron breeches. Thank you again to Horse In The Box for your generous support.



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