Charlotte Pederson Clinic

On October 19th Danson Wolkenaction and I were lucky enough to ride in a clinic run by the Whittlesea Plenty Valley Dressage Club with Charlotte Pederson at Mayfield Farm. It was a great success from all accounts!

The sun was shining and a weather forecast of 27 degrees was very promising as we headed off to Mayfield in the mid-morning for a midday lesson. Arriving at Mayfield we were greeted by the sight of the most gorgeous foal in the paddock near the indoor arena – just adorable! We couldn’t help but get distracted watching it play with its mother.  We parked, took Action of the float and started get organised for my lesson before realising that disaster had struck – I had forgotten my saddle! The saddle is one of those things you only forget once in your riding career and unfortunately this was my day. After a panicked phone call to Jenny and Michaela Bray who were booked in for the lesson after me, my saddle was on its way. Dr. Kerry Mack, the owner of Mayfield Farm, was extremely generous in lending me her saddle to ride in until mine arrived early on in my lesson. Thank you again!

After this hiccup was resolved we were back on track getting ready for our lesson. Leading Action into the gorgeous indoor arena and stable complex we were greeted by friendly faces all round from riders and spectators in the clinic and members of the Mayfield Farm team. I took Action into the arena and began to warm him up down one end of the arena while the lesson before me concluded. It was a very different facility to anything Action had ever seen before as surrounding the arena there are a kitchen and sitting area, mirrors, paddocks,  stables and a washbay. Action was very well behaved and took all of this in his stride, settling in very quickly and soon relaxing into the rhythm of this new venue.

Our lesson with Charlotte was fantastic and she was able to provide a great overview of our training level and where we need to go from here. Her feedback was so helpful and her attitude so positive that I walked away with a real buzz and sense of satisfaction. What more can you ask for?!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend the clinic and thank the Whittlesea Plenty Valley Dressage Club for running it as well as Mayfield Farm for hosting and Charlotte for coaching. I am looking forward to the next clinic to be held soon.

Happy riding!


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