Where it all Started

I read this today and it really resonated with me, thought I might share it with you all:

“Somewhere behind the rider you’ve become; the hours of practice you’ve put in; the coaches that have pushed you; the hard falls you’ve taken; the money you’ve spent; the long distances you’ve hauled; the “normal” things you’ve given up; the strides; the sweat; the tears; the blood; the blisters; the ripped clothes; the leather boots and gloves on 35 degree Summer days; the lame horse; the crazy horse; the “are you serious?” horse and everything in between. Somewhere behind all of this is the little girl who fell in love with the sport, the horse the idea, and never looked back” – Anonymous

Thank you to the horses who have put up with me, the competitors who have challenged me, the coaches who have picked me up and dusted me off, the sponsors who have supported me and above all my beautiful parents who fostered the dreams of a little girl who fell in love with a pony.


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