My New Mount for the Saddleworld Dressage Festival

I am excited to announce that those of you who will be at the Saddleworld Dressage Festival this Friday night (8th December) will witness my first outing with my new mount!

She is a 15cm high, seven year old, black and tan Dachshund known to her friends as Sausage.

Today Sausage and I commenced last-minute intense training for the Dachshund Dash to take place during the Canine Capers session. Our eyes are firmly fixed on the prize – whatever that is! We will also be entering the fancy dress and the Dachshund steeplechase. Sausage was very enthusiastic about her training and is looking forward to wowing the crowds in her debut performance.


I also began training today with my other mount for this event, Honey. Honey is a 70cm high, golden Rhodesian Ridgeback. She was not as enthusiastic about her training and, although she is more than three times her size, failed to jump much higher than Sausage. Honey was sadly more interested in the dog treats in my pocket than in the actual training session, although we are hoping this will improve by Friday.

I am very excited about the strong team I will be competing in the festival this year. As I am not actually riding any horses, I have been able to put my time and effort into Sausage and Honey and they have promised to bring their A-game on Friday night!

This team are currently unsponsored and any expressions of interest are welcome, simply email me at and I will be pleased to speak with you. They will roll over, lick and cuddle in return!

Photos coming soon!


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