Phone Calls That Changed Everything

WOW! When I look back on the turn of events that took me from riding young horses in Adelaide to packing my bags about to head off to Europe for six months there is nothing else I can say but – wow. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Last September two phone calls would change everything. The first was from Deb Palmer – the owner of Jasper Park Whispering and a close friend – who suggested I apply for a working pupil position at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC). The second was to Sophie McLean to apply for the position. By the start of October I was packing my things and driving back to Victoria excited for a new adventure.

After my first week at the AEBC I was home – an ethical, scientific training method; state of the art facilities; and a focused, dynamic team made for a stables I couldn’t have loved more. In my two and a half months at the AEBC I broke in my first horse, made friends from around the world, learned about the re-training process and improved my own horses beyond what I had imagined possible. The AEBC offered me education and opportunities I can never thank them enough for.

Action YVDC January 2015
Competing Danson Wolkenaction after training at the AEBC

Luna Adams Feb 2015
Riding CJP Friendship – my three year old Fisherman’s Friend mare who I broke in whilst at the AEBC with the help of Alistair McLean and Kevin Ovenstone

In December we celebrated Dr. Andrew McLean’s 60th birthday and his eldest son Warwick and his wife Carolina flew out to Australia for a few weeks. Warwick and Carolina run McLean Reitsport in Germany and are both successful international grand prix dressage riders and coaches. I was lucky enough to have some lessons from Warwick while he was out and the opportunity arose for me to go and train at McLean Reitsport in 2015. I am very excited to announce that on Monday I will be leaving for six months of training with Carolina and Warwick! Whilst I am away I will also commence studying my Associate Diploma of Equitation Science.

McLean Reitsport logo
The McLean Reitsport Logo

Of course opportunities like this aren’t possible without a great support team and I couldn’t be more lucky with the people I have behind me every step of the way. To my sponsors and owner who have been nothing but excited for me and the chance I have to learn and improve – thank you for your support of me and my four-legged team in this new chapter of our adventure together! I can’t wait to come home with new learning, experience and understanding to apply to my great team. To my ridiculously wonderful parents – you are understanding beyond the meaning of the word and none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for helping me to organise flights, thermals and everything in between and I promise I will come home!

Chubby's Ears AEBC
The beautiful view from one of the trails behind the AEBC from the back of the gorgeous Charietto

For now I better get back to last minute packing (running around the house like a lost cave-man trying to find missing socks, belts and phone chargers) but I promise I will be better with my updates throughout my trip and try to keep you up to date with all my adventures!

Happy riding!